Vapexhale Cloud Vaporizer Review

The Cloud vaporizer by VapExhale is a new tabletop vaporizer made in the United States. The people behind this company seem to be vapor enthusiasts and first came on the scene back in Feb 2010 with an announcement of an upcoming launch of the Cloud vaporizer.

VapeXhale promises to promising to change the vaporizer market by redesigning a vaporizer from the ground up. If you Google or YouTube the Cloud Vaporizer you will see some pretty cool pics and vids of the Cloud in action.

The Cloud appears to require a glass bubbler to cool the vapor and provide a smooth, filtered and clean vapor cloud. The bubblers are very cool. The Cloud vaporizer has a history of lengthy delays and premature announcements about its launch over the past 19 months, and at the time of this writing (Oct 2011) the Cloud vaporizer by VapeXhale is still not available for sale.

You can read a Cloud Vaporizer review and learn more about this vaporizer.

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One thought on “Vapexhale Cloud Vaporizer Review

  1. Wow, looks like a cool vape. I may need to get one of these for the boys in the pedaltrain pro warehouse, keep everybody happy :)

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